VIPee client

Debie , Samy , Caren
Duration 30 minutes
Quality HD
Category Piss
Date Nov 21, 2019


Debie enters the restaurant for lunch and complains about everything they have to offer. Even with great care from Samy, the brunette continues to complain and asks to speak with the manager. Caren shows up and gets into a fight with the rude customer, and getting tired of being offended, decides to treat Debie like a VIP...ee customer! The brunette is imposed to suck on the waitress and manager's pussies until they feel like peeing, and both of them release jets straight into Debie's face and body. They fill a glass of piss and make the inconvenient client drink too, and soak all her hair while relieving her bladders. Debie will never forget this treatment that left her soaked and disgusting!

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